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Hey there!  There are several packs available and this page can give you a run down on discounts and specials offered.  Please feel free to email me at number1pokemoncollector@gmail.com for more information or to get an invoice with the discounts.
Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard refers to youtube membership levels.  Any pack will be noted below the weight if it has any discounts available.  Join my channel to receive these discounts and other perks: TCA Gaming Youtube Channel
Charmander: $5 per pack
Charmeleon: $10 per pack
Charizard: $25 per pack
Unweighed: $295
Unweighed: $245
*$200 for an artset (no additional discount)
Japanese Fossil
Unweighed: $275
*$245 for purchase of 3+ (no additonal discount)
Japanese Team Rocket
Unweighed: $275
*$245 for purchase of 3+ (no additonal discount)
Gym Challenge 
Heavy: $495
Fossil 1st Edition
Heavy: $775
Neo Discovery 1st Edition
Heavy: $1195
Topps Series 1
Unweighed: $125