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My email for any questions: number1pokemoncollector@gmail.com

1. Select the expedited service level for your submission.

You will also pay return shipping back from me to you once they are graded. If you cannot meet the minimum number of submissions, there will be a PSA return shipping charge. If you meet the minimum this is taken care of by me. I would take care of everything regarding the submission, fees, packaging, materials, labor, labeling, etc.

I also offer raw review. This is where I can give you my estimate of the grade before sending it off for $2 each. You can then choose to still have your card graded or sent back. If you want coins, over-sized cards, or packs graded please let me know and we can also go through that process.

Please also factor in the transit times for shipping.

With new PSA policies, the max declared value is for post grading. If after it is graded the value is over the max, then PSA may upcharge me. If this is the case you would be also, but that would be a good thing. That would mean your card really had a jump in value

No specific packaging instructions other than to PLEASE INCLUDE the invoice for identification. Just send your cards to me safely via USPS at this address:

TCA Gaming - Rusty Oakley
Hildebran, NC 28637
United States

AT CHECKOUT Please select the PSA Submissions Shipping option. It should be free as you will be shipping your cards to me.

EXPEDITED - Submit Cards to PSA - Regular Size

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