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Need Help Selling your Cards?

Consignment is easy! If you want to sell your collection and not have to worry about the hassle of doing it yourself, this service may be a good fit for you. I have details below, but you can email me with any questions you have at

Rate: 10-20%
20% : $100-$5000
(Ex: Final Sale is $1,000 – the fee is $200)
10% : $5000+
(Ex: Final Sale is $10,000 – the fee is $1000)

***Sales under $100 have a minimum $20 fee***
*** All eBay fees are included. Those come out of my cut ***

Format: eBay auction
We can start these immediately or set a date for a 7 day no reserve auction. These may be advertised on Youtube and sometimes also get an IG post depending on the timing and quality of items. They are set to no reserve and start at $.01.
Payment: Bank Wire/Paypal
I normally issue a single payment after all items have been paid for. ACH(Bank Deposit) and Paypal (g/s) is free to request at anytime for payout. If you want a bank wire the cost is per $50 per wire.
Where to Ship your Packages
TCA Gaming
Hildebran, NC 28637
TCA Gaming
511 US HWY 70 W
Ste 2
Hildebran, NC 28637
Frequently Asked Questions
What if my buyer returns an item?
Once I get paid and ship the product out, you are guaranteed your money even if they return the product. I take all liability when I ship the product out to them.
How can I keep track on the sales progress?
Everything is kept up with in a Google Doc in which you will have viewer access to. I create that once you provide tracking for the shipment on its way to me.
What items do you accept for consignment?
Pokemon is my expertise so usually anything in this category is fine. Items that are not graded by PSA may have an additional shipping charge. For non-Pokemon items, I accept mostly graded products but you are more than welcome to ask about approval. If your item is rejected you will be responsible for return shipping costs.
I want to consign! Now what?
1. Ship your consignment to the appropriate address above.
2. Email me the tracking number and I will set up your Google Doc!
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