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Patch 1.1.0

From the feedback we gathered from the initial launch of the site changes have been made to improve your experience.

• A new shop sub-header has been added to make finding the product you are looking for much easier. Click on your user avatar to pull up the user menu and click it again to toggle back to the shop menu.

• New categories have been added to help direct you to the right kind of product.

• The header has been updated to make exploration on mobile platforms quicker and easier.

• Six new avatars have been added to include two avatars specifically made for #wormgang. You change your avatar by changing it on “my page”

Let us know what you think of the site. Are we hitting the mark? Or is there something missing, comment below to let us know what you think.

Welcome to the new site!

Hello all, welcome to the new TCA Gaming website. For the past year, I’ve been working with Rusty to develop a new store front that can provide the best shopping experience for you all. Here I just wanted to go over a few of the new features to help acquaint you to the new storefront.

1. Slide Updates. As you have probably noticed, there will be slides to showcase any new products, events or general news.

2. User avatars. At the header you are likely to notice the Pikachu next to the ‘Welcome Back’ notice. Once you have logged in, you can change your user icon at “My Page.” This will change the Pokemon that greets you when you come onto TCA Gaming as well as act as your avatar when you post or leave product reviews. There are currently 23 Pokemon avatars available with more coming in the future.

3. Discount Levels. You can now see your discount level on your “My Page.” This will set ensure you have an automatic discount when you go to the your cart. If you notice that your discount level isn’t showing the appropriate icon, let Rusty know so he can update it. You can learn more about discounts here. Discounts using the various charvolutions will be displayed with icons like below.

4. The PTCGO store has now been updated to make for faster navigation. The store is still separate from the main store.

5. Each Product now allows for users to rate the product and send a review. You can see these by clicking a product and going to review.

I’ll be working with Rusty to continue to build the website going forward. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to post below.